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Skater .NET Obfuscator is fully integrated with Visual Studio 2016 and .NET Framework 4.6

Guardship .NET Protector Download

Guardship totally stops MSIL disassemblers. Your TOTALly protected .NET executables are not openable in Reflector, Refractor, and other .NET reverse-browsers. This is the assurance that no one will see your source code.

Solo developer license

Team license

Skater .NET obfuscator is available in several editions presented in the table below:

Light Edition .NET Linker .NET Licenser .NET Licenser Plus Standard Edition Professional Edition Ultimate Edition
Solo Developer license
Team license
.NET assembly browser and decompiler/disassembling interface
Private member names obfuscation with alpha-numeric chars only

Private member names obfuscation with unreadable/non-recompilable chars

Public member names obfuscation

String values encryption

String values encryption with cryptography

Control Flow methods obfuscation

.NET assemblies linking

.NET licensing features: .NET Licenser Interface

.NET licensing features: .NET Licenser API assembly

Code Extension

XAML protection in WPF application

.NET Cryptor utility

Command-line interface

6 months tech support and version upgrade
Solo Developer license
Team license

The Standard Edition is an economical solution for .NET developers who need to utilize the .NET code protection that will prevent .NET assembly source code recompilation without changing its functionality and will hide the main points of your .NET code. With the Standard Edition, developers can do:
Names mangling
Strings encryption

In addition to options presented in Standard Edition by using the Professional Edition you will be able to implement Strings cryptography, Control Flow obfuscation, and .NET assembly linking.

Skater .NET obfuscator Ultimate Edition is a complete solution for developers who want to use the full gamma of obfuscator's features. In addition to options presented in Standard Edition and Professional Edition by using the Ultimate Edition you will be able to implement Code Extension, and .NET application licensing.

Also if you would like to Upgrade your current Skater license please contact us and we will point you to a right direction.

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