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Visual Studio provides a normal tool which goes to some boundary with the vacancy.
Skater .NET obfuscator since ver5.0 is armed by way of .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface. Skater's assembly browsing interface makes the next measure in the code analysis and decompiles assemblies to service the user verify the code, locate bugs and vulnerabilities, or just research paper algorithms to ensure the treatment interoperability.But in most hand baggage it is not enough. Their synchronous navy are resulting in astoundingly accurate decompilation. This is a athletic tool to reverse foist IL code into a high-level human-readable writing (C#/VB). While operational on PE source code it is often caring to disassemble the code and check character instructions. In tally to the support for a range of programming languages and the most up-to-date .NET 4.0 innovations, it offers unique giving out of metadata, transformation from XML and XAML (baml) collection, and a lot of other skin texture. However, the piece of information of the matter is somewhat that be required to be understood actual well by companies fascinated in protecting their intellectual home: It does not matter which obfuscator your artifact was mangled with. Skater .NET obfuscator decompiler is the unsurpassed code decompiler/protection software tool.Skater .NET is a far superior decompiler/assembly browser, and is absolutely free. It is clear that nearly everyone developers would prefer a decompiler, not a disassembler, given that there is identical little leisure pursuit from high-level words developers in learning IL. If it compiled to a .NET EXE or DLL, ILDASM preference disassemble it and all your work is exposed to the viewer in CIL.

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