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Software copy .NET Applications Licensing license
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NET Licenser Web help then generates the particular record on web database wherever the computer distinctive identifier will be stored. All time at what time user preference start your devotion it will invoice the identifier over the internet.The introduction Registration ID with your customer Order Quantity can be sent to your customer straightforwardly from you. Software Foundation is the process of generating a mainframe bound license register. To generate the Registration ID use Skater Licenser interface. This key enables your software and allows the abuser to activate his license.
From your application, the client enters the Order Run to and Registration ID. Your application subsequently calls the .NET Licenser API which sends the license key along and a computer single identifier to the .NET Licenser Web service. It preference ensure to facilitate the licensed application can be worn on this machine.The .NET Licenser API assembly contains the methods your application spirit need to commerce the license server or how to manage non-internet based licensing scenarios. Where applicable, your app can validate the license next to this web-service external license keep details. When your code decides with the intention of it is time to position a license, your code creates a record on web-service database exterior from your assemblies to facilitate are tied to with the purpose of specific machine/server. The ordinary approach through .NET Licenser is to use the API assembly (which uses web service to interconnect with the license server) contained by the assembly you want licensed. You force reference .NET Licenser C#/VB.NET source code check outs to write code in your assemblies to soubriquet the license validation and execution household tasks anyway you be keen on.

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