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Software copy .NET Applications Licensing interface
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NET Licenser API assembly desire then set up a new license key record for the new PC. The license is united to your user PC hardware. How to reactivate the license key?
To remedy this, to apply the user license key reactivation you own to click 'Order Numbers' button in Skater Licenser interface. Swapping the hardware out invalidated your abuser hardware bound license type. Or user resolute to transfer the license to one more machine. The Bid Numbers interface command give you talent to find a aspect user license key and erase it. Skater .NET obfuscator Licenser is the best .NET licensing software tool. This key enables your software and allows the client to activate his license.
From your application, the consumer enters the Order Numeral and Registration ID. To generate the Registration ID use Skater Licenser interface. The .NET Licenser Web check then generates the unique record on web database somewhere the computer exceptional identifier will be stored. Software Commencement is the process of generating a processor bound license scale. The activation Registration ID plus your user Command Number can be sent to your consumer directly since you. Your application it follows that calls the .NET Licenser API which sends the license key along by way of a computer single identifier to the .NET Licenser Web service. All time as user preference start your product it will safeguard the identifier over the internet.

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