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Merge Multiple .NET Assemblies dlls RustemSoft
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Skater .
NET Linker is packaged as a console application. Whilst the primary assembly is an executable, at that time the target assembly is shaped as an executable with the constant entry advantage as the primary assembly. Skater .NET Linker takes a set of record assemblies and merges them into one steer assembly. But all of its functionality is also free programmatically. See the documentation with the intention of comes with the tool for facts. Skater .NET Linker runs in any .NET framework.There are several options with the aim of control the performance of Skater .NET Linker. The first assembly in the inventory of input assemblies is the initial assembly. Also, if the fundamental assembly has a strong family name, and a .snk file is provided, so therefore the target assembly is re-signed in the midst of the specified key so with the intention of it also has a durable name. Skater .NET obfuscator Linker is the unsurpassed code protection software tool.When distributing several carefully related but individual DLLs is not that a large amount of a plague, it would be a nice if, while they are so closely interlaced, you can merge these different assemblies keen on one. The skill to merge multiple libraries at the same time would simplify deployment in various cases; applications with the purpose of use several unusual languages or huge applications on paper in the same style but built upon numerous different projects would charity performance from single-assembly operation.

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