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Merge Multiple .NET Assemblies dlls code
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The gift to merge multiple libraries concurrently would simplify deployment in countless cases; applications to use several altered languages or huge applications printed in the same verbal skill but built upon numerous different projects would advantage from single-assembly employment.
Skater .NET obfuscator Linker is the best code protection software tool.When distributing quite a lot of closely linked but separate DLLs is not to facilitate much of a plague, it would be a careful if, since they are so directly interlaced, you could merge these uncommon assemblies into lone. Assembly connecting is an acute angle of any application with multiple assemblies. For exemplar, instead of deploying main.dll, a.dll, and b.dll disjointedly, you could arrange main.dll using the Compilation Linker interface that is a major part of Skater .NET Obfuscator. The linker selectively relations MSIL code putting together individual the required course and methods.RustemSoft Skater .NET Linker tool allows you to link .NET assemblies as one into a separate file. If your executable relies on .NET assemblies, assembly connecting is categorical to save from harm your application against deciphering and hackers. In pattern with the added features of Skater .NET Obfuscator, assembly between provides conclusive recompense for your .NET application by increasing reliability and security though reducing amount. The a.dll and b.dll will be together into the main.dll. And it allows package your application effectually. Once packaging, during the assembly obfuscation, you can mix assemblies using the assembly linker.

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