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Skater .NET obfuscator code protection tool object
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Above the years, a number of software protection techniques suffer been developed, code obfuscation is one of them and it is exact promising.
With more than partly of million developers with more or less level of edit to .NET reengineering tools providing adjoining instant right of entry to source from any .NET dual, organizations across industries are entrusting on obfuscation to running these risks. Global piracy rank has increased 40% concluded the past existence and nearly $11 billion is preoccupied. This is definitely a understandable threat for software producers and like this to global cutback. Unauthorized retrieve to source code can offer a lively back way in into your systems, dealing processes and revenue streams. It implements all proven software protection techniques and obfuscation algorithms.
Skater .NET Obfuscator is a thorough pro solution for .NET product code protection. Skater .NET Obfuscator reconstructs your .NET assemblies to the new look at that is unworkable to be understand, and without a solution to decompile.With Skater .NET Obfuscator you can easily defend Microsoft .NET framework applications from against the law code extraction and reverse manufacturing. Moreover, you do not need any source code changes or training experience to accomplish certified software protection of your programs. RustemSoft proposes Skater .NET Obfuscator, an obfuscation tool for .NET code safety.

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