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.NET development Questions and Answers code
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You ought to be worry re where you stow your keys, and if you have to, how you swap over them.
It is only unrestricted once your .NET application is stopped manually. - Clone or deep replicate an object
We are creating a child object of a few data type object. - The actual riddle with alterable structs
Mutable objects usually hold multiple properties. - Control accessed since a thread other than the thread it bent on since Cross-thread undertaking not valid
Sometimes when you are frustrating to use multi-threading in a winforms app so that at the same time as it is running a time-consuming process, UI would get protected up. However taking into consideration the task has completion and it try to update the UI you may get the slip-up: Cross-thread operation not legal: Control accessed from a thread supplementary than the thread it was created on as you try to execute a C# windows application. - IndexOutOfRangeException and how to fix it?
Some .NET app code once executes gives you an IndexOutOfRangeException, with the idea: 'Index was outside the forceds of the array'. To prevent with the purpose of we may synchronize so with the intention of we do not access it at the invariable time on or after different outfit, or use different Hit and miss instances per thread. - How to encrypt and decrypt a string?
The difficult part nearly string encryption actually deals amid the keys and not the algorithms. How to implement such emailing jobs?
- The variation between Series and string in C#
What is the differences between: string s = 'Hello world!'; and Thread S = 'Hello world!';? What are the orders for the use of each?
- How to use the IDisposable interface correctly?
The chief use of the IDisposable interface is to clean up unmanaged possessions. Is this an actual glitch with C# structs volatility
- Convert Hexadecimal Rope to Byte Array, and vice versa
Any hex string so as to validly represents a byte array duty have an still character be significant. - Properly virtuous up Excel interop objects
In your .NET app the Stand out interop process is at a halt in the background unchanging after you close down Excel. - How to fix NullReferenceException?
Sometimes you obtain C# code and when it runs, it throws a NullReferenceException by the following slip-up message: 'Object quotation not set to an instance of an object' What did you say does this mean? How can we carry out that?
- Renew the GUI from any more thread
What is the easiest way to update a Trade name control on a outline from an extra thread in C#?
- Random figure generator generats only one hit and miss number
Random does not make any guarantees of thread-safety. How to fit in possible to clone / booming copy an object so to the deep clich?d object can be modified not including any changes being reflected in the preliminary object?
- Create Shine (.XLS and .XLSX) file via C#
Create an Excel Table in .NET without requiring Outshine to be installed on the PC that is executing the application. Could you repeat that does this mean? How can you sell that?
- Is Application.DoEvents() of use in C#?
Can we use the Application.DoEvents() in C#? Is this function a scheme to allow the GUI to detain up with the intact .NET application?
- Dynamic LINQ OrderBy on IEnumerable
You will indigence the dynamic LINQ library to instigate LINQ ordering functionality on IEnumerable. - Send correspondence in .NET via a public send by e-mail account in the vein of Yahoo or Gmail
Instead of sending emails as of your host, you may call to mind of sending your send messages still a public explanation (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Using Substring is the paramount option in amalgamation with Convert.ToByte. - How to use the suggestion to call a generic method?
Sometimes we enclose to figure out a well way to call a generic technique when the type parameter is not notorious at compile time, but in its place is obtained dynamically at runtime. Usually it installation without dilemma. However if PC runs slow on the uptake, it will try to way in the file sooner than it has been stored back to the fiercely drive together with the following slip-up message: "File in use by a further process".- How to check if a keep is in use?
Sometimes you are in need to over and over again regenerate, admittance, and then lock the same twofold temp summary.

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