How to use iOS Objective C Framework in Swift project?

Let's discuss the problem by using Rustemsoft TouchControls iOS Framework as an example. The TouchControls iOS Framework library is Swift and Objective C software package specifically designed for Xcode developers. The library allows use all strengths of the Rustemsoft UIDataGrid and UIChart controls without waiving the user interface elements your customers need.

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To use the Rustemsoft TouchControls iOS Objective C Framework in your Swift project you have to create a Swift Bridging Header file in that project. The best way is to create the .h file Manually.

First, add a header file to your project with the name: MyProjectName-Bridging-Header.h. This will be the single header file where you import any Objective C code you need your Swift code to have access.

Find Swift Compiler - Code Generation section in your project build settings. Add the path to your bridging header file next to Objective C Bridging Header from the project root folder. It should be MyProject/MyProject-Bridging-Header.h

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Read the TouchControls iOS Framework documentation

Do not put just MyProject-Bridging-Header.h if the file located in the project root folder. It will not work!

It just needs a single Bridging Header. Enter #import statements to this file and your classes will be available in your Swift project code without any additional #import statements.

Then make a reference to Rustemsoft TouchControls iOS Framework.

Add TouchControls library to your Xcode project

Suppose you are building a project using Xcode, and you decide that you want to start consuming Rustemsoft TouchControls library for a UIChart control and/or UIDataGrid control on your iPhone/iPad app. The first step that you will generally take is you will add a reference to the TouchControls library, which is residing in some directory on your Mac hard drive. Xcode will then add a new item in Project Navigator, and it will create a row node called 'TouchControls.framework'.
In order to add the Rustemsoft TouchControls library please follow the steps:

1. In the Project Navigator, select your project.

2. Select your target.

3. Select the "General" tab.

4. Open "Embedded Binaries" expander.

5. Click the + button.

6. Select the TouchControls framework.

The reference to the Rustemsoft TouchControls Swift/Objective-C library is a requirement and must be added to a project before the classes and objects in the library can be used.

What the difference between Swift and Objective C syntax?
Let's take a look of UIChart component usage. The Rustemsoft UIChart control enables to create iOS apps with simple, intuitive, and visually compelling chart for complex statistical or financial analysis in different graph types that include Pie, Bar, Line, Cylinder, Area, and other chart types.  
is a control to show graphs of a small amount of data, or you can scale it to show charts of very large sets of data.  
·UIChart gives you the flexibility to bind to any datasource that supports a mutable array NSMutableArray object interface. And with the bunch of class properties, you can configure a chart of any complexity quickly and easily in your code.  
·Chart objects can be positioned next to each other or overlap each other. This gives you the freedom to create custom charts.  
·Each chart contains a plot area, where the Chart control plots the data series. When you change the appearance properties of the chart, it changes the appearance of the plot area.  
·The plot area is found inside the chart, and is where the UIChart control plots the data series. It is also where axes, grid lines, hatch lines, gradient layouts, and chart items are drawn. Axis labels are always outside of the plot area, but most other elements are found within the plot area.  
Also we have built Xcode sample projects that describe the concepts and techniques that you can use to build UIChart features into your apps.  
   UIChart *chart = [[UIChart alloc] init];  
Swift SWIFT  
   var chart = UIChart()

The following example creates a UIChart object as Pie and adds it to the app's main view (ViewController) layout.  
- (void)viewDidLoad  
    [super viewDidLoad];  
    // Create UIChart object  
    UIChart *chrt = [[UIChart alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(10,  40, self.view.frame.size.width - 40, self.view.frame.size.height - 190)];  
    chrt.delegate = self;  
    // set UIChart's delegate to self (otherwise events will not work)  
    // Add UIChart object into app's main view layout  
    [self.view addSubview:chrt];  
    // Specify chart type  
    chrt.chartType = pie;  
    // Define chart's colors  
    chrt.backgroundColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.01 green:0.01 blue:0.5 alpha:0.1];  
    chrt.foregroundColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.9 green:0.9 blue:1 alpha:1];  
    chrt.orientation = swhOrientation.isOn ? vertical : horizontal;  
    // Define chart plot area  
    chrt.plotArea.backgroundColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.1 green:0.1 blue:0.8 alpha:0.1];  
    // Define data sources for chart items  
    [self dataItemsSeries];  
    lblSampleTitle.text = @"Pie Chart";  
    // Define chart's Layout style  
    chrt.layoutStyle = layoutStyleGradient;  
    // Define chart's gradient  
    chrt.gradientStyle = gradientStyleRadial;  
    chrt.gradientRadius = 200;  
    chrt.gradientColorTop = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.1 green:0.8 blue:0.1 alpha:0.4];  
    chrt.gradientColorTopExtra = [UIColor clearColor];  
    chrt.gradientColorBottom = [UIColor clearColor];  
    chrt.gradientColorBottomExtra = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.1 green:0.1 blue:0.8 alpha:0.4];  
    chrt.gradientDirection = gradientDirectionHorizontal;  
    // Assign chart's Title  
    chrt.chartTitle.text = @"Who did eat more apples?";  
    [chrt.chartTitle setFont:[UIFont fontWithName:@"Georgia" size:16]];  
    [chrt.chartTitle setBackgroundColor:[UIColor colorWithRed:0.1 green:0.1 blue:0.8 alpha:0.1]];  
    [chrt.chartTitle setTextColor:[UIColor whiteColor]];  
    chrt.chartTitle.frame = CGRectMake(5, 5, 185, 18);  
    // Set X axis title  
    chrt.xAxisTitleLabel.text = @"Jonathan Apple Sauce";  
    chrt.xAxisTitleLabel.textColor = [UIColor purpleColor];  
    chrt.xAxisTitleLabel.font = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Georgia" size:10];  
    chrt.xAxisTitleHorizontalLocation = horizontalLocationMid;  
    // Set Y axis title  
    chrt.yAxisTitleLabel.text = @"McIntosh Apple Pie";  
    chrt.yAxisTitleLabel.textColor = [UIColor purpleColor];  
    chrt.yAxisTitleLabel.font = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Georgia" size:10];  
    chrt.yAxisTitleLabel.frame = CGRectMake(-83, 160, 185, 18);  
        chrt.yAxisTitleVerticalLocation = verticalLocationMid;  
    // Draw Legend Zone  
    chrt.legendZone.layer.borderColor = [UIColor yellowColor].CGColor;  
    chrt.legendZone.layer.borderWidth = 0.5;  
    chrt.legendZone.Title.font = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Georgia" size:8];  
    chrt.legendZone.Title.text = @"Persons";  
    chrt.legendZone.Title.textColor = [UIColor yellowColor];  
    chrt.legendZone.titleVerticalLocation = verticalLocationTop;  
    chrt.legendZone.titleHorizontalLocation = horizontalLocationMid;  
    chrt.legendZoneHorizontalLocation = horizontalLocationLeft;  
    chrt.legendZoneVerticalLocation = verticalLocationBottom;  
    chrt.legendsInterpositions = vertical;  
    // Define chart series  
    ChartSeries *series0 = [[ChartSeries alloc] init];  
    ChartSeries *series1 = [[ChartSeries alloc] init];  
    // 3D Pie or not  
    series0.pie3D = !swhNegativeSeries.on;  
    // Define line shadow  
    series0.shape.shadowColor = [UIColor blackColor].CGColor;  
    series0.shape.shadowOpacity = .9;  
    series0.shape.shadowOffset = CGSizeMake(10, 10);  
    series0.shape.shadowRadius = 10;  
    series0.shape.shadowPath = series0.shape.path;  
    series0.shape.lineWidth = .3;  
    int i = 0;  
    // Fill out chart items collection  
    for (NSMutableArray *itm in dataItmsSeries0) {  
        ChartItem *chartItem = [[ChartItem alloc] init];  
        chartItem.value = [[itm objectAtIndex:1] floatValue];  
        chartItem.Title.text = [itm objectAtIndex:1];  
        chartItem.Title.textColor = [UIColor brownColor];  
        chartItem.Title.font = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Georgia" size:8];  
        chartItem.layer.borderColor = [UIColor whiteColor].CGColor;  
        chartItem.layer.borderWidth = 0.3;  
        chartItem.layoutStyle = layoutStyleFlat;  
        chartItem.titleVerticalLocation = verticalLocationBottom;  
        chartItem.titleHorizontalLocation = horizontalLocationMid;  
        // Create legend bullet to add into the legend zone  
        legend *lgd = [[legend alloc] init];  
        lgd.legendLabel.text = [itm objectAtIndex:0];  
        lgd.legendLabel.font = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Georgia" size:7];  
        lgd.legendBulletType = legendBulletTypeRect;  
        // Specify legend bullet's color  
        CGFloat colorHue = i / (CGFloat)(dataItmsSeries0.count);  
        lgd.legendBulletFillColor = [UIColor colorWithHue:colorHue saturation:1 brightness:1 alpha:1];  
        lgd.legendBulletWidth = 10;  
        // Add legend bullet into legend zone  
        [chrt.legends addObject:lgd];  
        // Add chart item into series  
        [series0.Items addObject:chartItem];  
        i += 1;  
    // 3D Pie or not  
    series1.pie3D = !swhNegativeSeries.on;  
    series1.shape.lineWidth = .3;  
    series1.shape.strokeColor = [UIColor redColor].CGColor;  
    series1.pieRadius = 65;  
    for (NSMutableArray *itm in dataItmsSeries1) {  
        ChartItem *chartItem = [[ChartItem alloc] init];  
        chartItem.value = [[itm objectAtIndex:1] floatValue];  
        chartItem.Title.text = [itm objectAtIndex:1];  
        chartItem.Title.textColor = [UIColor blackColor];  
        chartItem.Title.font = [UIFont fontWithName:@"Georgia" size:6];  
        chartItem.titleHorizontalLocation = horizontalLocationMid;  
        chartItem.titleVerticalLocation = verticalLocationMid;  
        chartItem.pointWidth = 0;  
        chartItem.layoutStyle = layoutStyleFlat;  
        // Add chart item into series  
        [series1.Items addObject:chartItem];  
    // Add series into chart  
    [chrt.series addObject:series0];  
    [chrt.series addObject:series1];  
    // Run Chart  
    [chrt DataBind];  
Swift SWIFT  
override func viewDidLoad()  
    // Create UIChart object  
    chrt = UIChart(frame: CGRect(x: 10, y: 40, width: self.view.frame.size.width - 40, height: self.view.frame.size.height - 190))  
    chrt.delegate = self  
    // Add UIChart object into app's main view layout  
    // Specify chart type  
    chrt.chartType = chartTypes.pie  
    lblSampleTitle.text = "Pie Chart"  
    // Define chart's Layout style  
    chrt.layoutStyle = layoutStyles.Gradient  
    // Define chart's gradient  
    chrt.gradientStyle = gradientStyles.Radial  
    chrt.gradientRadius = 200  
    chrt.gradientColorTop = UIColor(red: 0.1, green:0.8, blue:0.1, alpha:0.4)  
    chrt.gradientColorTopExtra = UIColor.clearColor()  
    chrt.gradientColorBottom = UIColor.clearColor()  
    chrt.gradientColorBottomExtra = UIColor(red: 0.1, green:0.1, blue:0.8, alpha:0.4)  
    chrt.gradientDirection = gradientDirections.Horizontal  
    // Assign chart's Title  
    chrt.chartTitle.text = "Who did eat more apples?"  
    chrt.chartTitle.font = UIFont(name: "Georgia", size: COEFF_PAD * 16)  
    chrt.chartTitle.backgroundColor = UIColor(red: 0.1, green:0.1, blue:0.8, alpha:0.1)  
    chrt.chartTitle.textColor = UIColor.whiteColor()  
    chrt.chartTitle.frame = CGRectMake(COEFF_PAD * 5, COEFF_PAD * 5, COEFF_PAD * 185, COEFF_PAD * 18)  
    // Set X axis title  
    chrt.xAxisTitleLabel.text = "Jonathan Apple Sauce"  
    chrt.xAxisTitleLabel.textColor = UIColor.purpleColor()  
    chrt.xAxisTitleLabel.font = UIFont(name:"Georgia", size:COEFF_PAD * 10)  
    chrt.xAxisTitleHorizontalLocation = horizontalLocations.Mid  
    // Set Y axis title  
    chrt.yAxisTitleLabel.text = "McIntosh Apple Pie"  
    chrt.yAxisTitleLabel.textColor = UIColor.purpleColor()  
    chrt.yAxisTitleLabel.font = UIFont(name:"Georgia", size:COEFF_PAD * 10)  
    chrt.yAxisTitleLabel.frame = CGRectMake(COEFF_PAD * -83, COEFF_PAD * 160, COEFF_PAD * 185, COEFF_PAD * 18)  
    chrt.yAxisTitleVerticalLocation = verticalLocations.Mid  
    // Draw Legend Zone  
    chrt.legendZone.layer.borderColor = UIColor.yellowColor().CGColor  
    chrt.legendZone.layer.borderWidth = COEFF_PAD * 0.5  
    chrt.legendZone.Title.font = UIFont(name:"Georgia", size:COEFF_PAD * 8)  
    chrt.legendZone.Title.text = "Persons"  
    chrt.legendZone.Title.textColor = UIColor.yellowColor()  
    chrt.legendZone.titleVerticalLocation = verticalLocations.Top  
    chrt.legendZone.titleHorizontalLocation = horizontalLocations.Mid  
    chrt.legendZoneHorizontalLocation = horizontalLocations.Left  
    chrt.legendZoneVerticalLocation = verticalLocations.Bottom  
    chrt.legendsInterpositions = orientations.vertical  
    // Define chart series  
    var srs0 = ChartSeries()  
    var srs1 = ChartSeries()  
    // 3D Pie or not  
    srs0.pie3D = !swhNegativeSeries.on  
    // Define line shadow  
    srs0.shape.shadowColor = UIColor.blackColor().CGColor  
    srs0.shape.shadowOpacity = 0.9  
    srs0.shape.shadowOffset = CGSizeMake(COEFF_PAD * 10, COEFF_PAD * 10)  
    srs0.shape.shadowRadius = 10  
    srs0.shape.shadowPath = srs0.shape.path  
    srs0.shape.lineWidth = COEFF_PAD * 0.3  
    // Fill out chart items collection  
    for var i = 0; i < dataItmsSeries0.count; i++ {  
        var itm = dataItmsSeries0.objectAtIndex(i) as NSMutableArray  
        let chIt = ChartItem()  
        chIt.value = CGFloat((itm.objectAtIndex(1) as NSString).doubleValue)  
        chIt.Title.text = itm.objectAtIndex(1) as NSString  
        chIt.Title.textColor = UIColor.brownColor()  
        chIt.Title.font = UIFont(name:"Georgia", size:COEFF_PAD * 8)  
        chIt.layer.borderColor = UIColor.whiteColor().CGColor  
        chIt.layer.borderWidth = COEFF_PAD * 0.3  
        chIt.layoutStyle = layoutStyles.Flat  
        chIt.titleVerticalLocation = verticalLocations.Bottom  
        chIt.titleHorizontalLocation = horizontalLocations.Mid  
        // Create legend bullet to add into the legend zone  
        var lgd = legend()  
        lgd.legendLabel.text = itm.objectAtIndex(0) as NSString  
        lgd.legendLabel.font = UIFont(name:"Georgia", size:COEFF_PAD * 7)  
        lgd.legendBulletType = legendBulletTypes.Rect  
        // Specify legend bullet's color  
        var colorHue: CGFloat = CGFloat(Double(i) / Double(dataItmsSeries0.count))  
        lgd.legendBulletFillColor = UIColor(hue: colorHue, saturation:1, brightness:1, alpha:1)  
        lgd.legendBulletWidth = COEFF_PAD * 10  
        // Add legend bullet into legend zone  
        // Add chart item into series  
    // 3D Pie or not  
    srs1.pie3D = !swhNegativeSeries.on  
    srs1.shape.lineWidth = COEFF_PAD * 0.3  
    srs1.shape.strokeColor = UIColor.redColor().CGColor  
    srs1.pieRadius = 65  
    for var i = 0; i < dataItmsSeries1.count; i++ {  
        var itm = dataItmsSeries1.objectAtIndex(i) as NSMutableArray  
        let chIt = ChartItem()  
        chIt.value = CGFloat((itm.objectAtIndex(1) as NSString).doubleValue)  
        chIt.Title.text = itm.objectAtIndex(1) as NSString  
        chIt.Title.textColor = UIColor.blackColor()  
        chIt.Title.font = UIFont(name:"Georgia", size:COEFF_PAD * 6)  
        chIt.titleHorizontalLocation = horizontalLocations.Mid  
        chIt.titleVerticalLocation = verticalLocations.Mid  
        chIt.pointWidth = 0  
        chIt.layoutStyle = layoutStyles.Flat  
        // Add chart item into series  
    // Add series into chart  
    // Run Chart  

Download the Rustemsoft TouchControls library code samplesfor Swift & Objective C that show how you can use the RustemSoft UIChart control in your Xcode project.

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