Platform Invocation Services 'pinvokeimpl' instruction's problem in Skater obfuscator

Platform Invocation Services 'pinvokeimpl' instruction's problem has been resolved for Skater .NET Obfuscator. Skater .NET obfuscator development team figured out the issue and the problem has been fixed.

.NET code protection. Code Extension.

How to implement .NET Code Extension by using Skater .NET Obfuscator? The option is useful for small .NET application protection.

Convert to PDF from .NET project

Your customers like the PDF format and so do a heck of a lot of other people. It is as close to an "alternative standard" as you can get. It might not be used for everything, but what it is used for - it is used well. How would you like to be able to convert to PDF right from your .NET application?

Convert in both ways: CSV(Excel, mdb etc.) to XML and then XML back to CSV(Excel, mdb etc.)

You are probably in need to convert your data in both ways: CSV(Excel, mdb etc.) to XML and then XML back to CSV(Excel, mdb etc.).

About Combobox in DataGrid (.NET framework)

Datagrid's cells can be presented as some different control types (textbox, button, date/time picker etc.) within datagrid interface layout. However much important control is combobox that could be placed in datagrid.

How to convert XML to a different data format?

Let's consider a common situation in today's software development world: a web service or another process provides an XML document with hundreds of elements and attributes. You as a developer are facing a task of creating an Excel spreadsheet or MS Access mdb database from that XML.

How to convert XML encoding?

UTF-8 and UTF-16 are two encoding schemas of Unicode. UTF stands for Unicode Transformation Format. There are various types of UTFs. They are simply different way map the Unicode code-points to a digital representation.

How to validate XML against XSD schema?

You have to validate your XML file to make sure it fits to your application's needs to prevent any exception in your code. To check if your XML document conforms to an XSD Schema, the document must be validated against that XSD Schema.

Conceal your .NET code from hackers

The chief functions of any software protection technique can be determined as detection of pirate attempts to decipher or tamper software, protection against such attempts and alteration of software to ensure that it functionality degrades in an undetectable manner if the protection fails.

Obfuscate member names in .NET code

Private and Public members names obfuscation scrambles names of classes, methods, variables, and other assembly members. It makes assembly code reverse engineering much harder by obfuscating names.

Linking .NET Assemblies

The Skater's special Linker interface is the utility that can link multiple modules into a single file for deployment.

DataGrid vs. DataGridView

The DataGridView Windows Forms control is a quite new .NET control introduced in MS Visual Studio .NET 2005 that is a good alternative to the VS .NET 1.x DataGrid control. Obviously we do not need to disregard the .NET DataGrid control...

XML Transformation Template Scenario

What to do if you need to get an especially structured XML file from your Excel source (or from other data storage)? How to create an XML with your particular multi-level tagged tree structure from your specially formatted data source?

Using an Oracle View to store query results as an XML output

How to convert a generated Oracle database query results to an allocated XML file? Create a view in your Oracle database, browse query result, update the view and store it.

XML and non-Latin characters. How can they be reconciled?

This brief article is intended to help people around the world how to better understand XML presentation. XML file locates some words which probably should contain some national letter but have something strange in place of it...

Data Transformer for Oracle

Data Transformer for Oracle (DTO) is a data converting software allows the user to interactively create a link mapping that can be used to transform heterogeneous data. The article describes how to solve the conversion problem. The DTO tool can be used to transform data between an Oracle database and other data sources.

For Visual Basic Beginners

Everyone was a beginner once. The faster we feed new people with good information, the faster they will become good members of the "Visual Basic World". Here you can find some useful VB-examples...

How to print datagrid in .NET?

The article provides a programmatic approach to printing data within a .NET WinForms Datagrid.

XML file generation

How to convert data from Oracle database to XML metadata file by using Java JSP's servlets? This article describes how to do that by using the JSP technology. Very useful for XML+JSP+Oracle beginners...

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