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The DataGridViewPrint service class is intended to help you to create a print output based on your DataGridView content. The class has been included into the assembly since it is build for .NET WinForms DataGridView control and very helpful for your .NET DataGridView design. It will help you to implement an application with a print preview and a print support.
The DataGridViewPrint class is used by the Print dialog and DataGridViewPrintPreview dialog (on your .NET form) to draw the DataGridView object content that should be printed. An object of the class is used for a .NET PrintDocument object.

Also the special DataGridViewPrintPreview class has been designed and added to the assembly. The class gives the ability to print DataGridView content by clicking Print button located on the dialog window. Also Save to file button is added onto Preview dialog layout. It allows you to save the print document into a bitmap image file. Learn more about DataGridViewPrint service class

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