How to download and install XML Converter Standard Edition Evaluation version?

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XML Converter is designed for both (x86 and x64) operating system platforms and works under the .NET Framework.

The XML Converter runs on:
- Microsoft Windows XP family
- Microsoft Windows Vista family
- Microsoft Windows 7 family
- Microsoft Windows 8 family
(Windows 95\98\Me and Windows 3.1 systems are not supported)

Software Requirements:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later (install Internet Explorer 6.0)

To author with XML Converter, your system should be equipped with the following:
Pentium 90 MHz (minimum) or faster (recommended)
32 MB RAM (minimum) or more (96 MB or more recommended)
50 MB free disk space (minimum) or more

Installation of XML Converter includes the following three steps:
1. Install .NET Framework

If you have an old computer that has not been updated for last several years you need to check for the following.
The XML Converter is written for .NET Framework 1.0. Before launch XML Converter setup package you need to install on your computer the .NET Framework redistributable package Dotnetfx.exe. It is available as a stand-alone executable file. As a result of downloading you will receive a file named Dotnetfx.exe. Use Dotnetfx.exe for deployment purposes.

Visit Microsoft Download center

Download Dotnetfx.exe

Before download Dotnetfx.exe please read .NET Framework Redistributable End-User License Agreement
Note that administrator privileges are required to install Dotnetfx.exe. If you have previously installed the .NET Framework SDK or Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, you do not need to install Dotnetfx.exe. Also if you have latest versions of .NET listed (3.5 or 4.0) you do not need to install.

2. Install Data Access Components

After downloading and installing the Dotnetfx.exe, which contains .NET Framework redistributable package, you will need to install mdac_typ.exe. Since the XML Converter uses a database, then DLL's and other files supporting ADO, ODBC, OLE, etc., must also be installed.

Download mdac_typ.exe

Download this file to any folder on your hard drive. Once downloaded double-click the mdac_typ.exe file to commence installation.

3. Install XML Converter

Finally, after installing mdac_typ.exe, which contains MDAC 2.8 files, you will need to download XML Converter Evaluation version.

Download XML Converter Evaluation

Download XML Converter from mirror

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