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Effective July 21, 2022 Rustemsoft LLC starts XML Converter’s unprecedented action.
XML Converter itself can customize your XML conversion task. XML Converter offers External XSD schema mapped multidimensional conversion when you are given with XSD schema file where XML output structure is specified.

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XML Converter offers two interchangeable schema methods for XML multi-dimensional conversion. You can select one of the following conversion methods:
1. External XSD schema mapped conversion
2. Predefined XML Transformation Scenario
You can choose the first "External XSD schema mapped conversion" method when you got XSD schema file where XML output structure is specified.
Also you can select second "Predefined XML Transformation Scenario" method when you do not have an XSD schema specified. For this case you will need to specify XML output structure.

However you may have a specific conversion task that could not be easily implemented by standard XML Converter’s functions. We will provide our XML Converter registered customers with free Micro executable that will customize XML conversion process.

All that you will need:
1. Order XML Converter any license
2. Send us your source Excel (csv, txt, etc.) file and also your desired XML output structure
3. We will design a customized Micro for your conversion and will send it back to you. Integrate the Micro into XML Converter interface

Read more about XML Converter Micro modules.

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