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.NET Application License is tied to specific user's machine

If you are developing novelty software applications with the Microsoft .NET framework, you need innovative ways to License and Protect your products. .NET Licenser API assembly is a software activation service that enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to adopt flexible licensing terms for their customers.

.NET Licenser API assembly generates software licenses that are bound to hardware. That means, licenses are activated persistently for specific computers or work stations. Hence, the licensed software may be installed and employed solely on the registered hardware.
Software Activation is the process of generating a computer bound license key. To generate the Registration ID use Skater Licenser interface. The activation Registration ID with your user Order Number can be sent to your customer directly from you. This key enables your software and allows the user to activate his license.

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From your application, the user enters the Order Number and Registration ID. Your application then calls the .NET Licenser API which sends the license key along with a computer unique identifier to the .NET Licenser Web service. The .NET Licenser Web service then generates the special record on web database where the computer unique identifier will be stored. Every time when user will start your application it will check the identifier over the internet.

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The license is tied to your user PC hardware. Swapping the hardware out invalidated your user hardware bound license key. Or user decided to transfer the license to another machine. How to reactivate the license key? To remedy this, to implement the user license key reactivation you have to click ‘Order Numbers’ button in Skater Licenser interface. The Order Numbers interface will give you ability to find a specific user license key and delete it. .NET Licenser API assembly will then create a new license key record for the new PC.

The common approach with .NET Licenser is to use the API assembly (which uses web service to communicate with the license server) within the assembly you want licensed. The .NET Licenser API assembly contains the methods your application will need to contact the license server or how to manage non-internet based licensing scenarios. You will reference .NET Licenser C#/VB.NET source code samples to write code in your assemblies to handle the license validation and execution tasks anyway you like. When your code decides that it is time to install a license, your code creates a record on web-service database external from your assemblies that are tied to that specific machine/server. Wherever applicable, your app can validate the license against this web-service external license record. It will ensure that the licensed application can be used on this machine.

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