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XML data format is omnipresent these days. You probably come across XML in your quotidian development tasks more or less frequently. But unless you are really drawn in it, you are hardly to be an expert in all of the innumerable XML standards out there. For example, take a look at XSD schema format. You may know that XSD allows you to specify the schema of an XML file that is a data container. But how you can create the XSD schema?
XMLFox offers free and graphical answers to that question. XMLFox is an XML editing and validation tool for creating valid, well-formed XML documents and/or XSD Schema. It includes an XML View, XML Tree, XML Grid, and XML Script modes for editing, as well as extensive find capabilities for text and XML data. Additional features include XML and Schema Validation, standard editing features, XSD Schema building and more.

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This editor is divided into two panes. The left presents the structure of an XSD file as a TreeView. The right pane shows the XML of the schema, or of an XML file being validated by the schema. You can edit in either pane, and have the results picked up by the other. In addition, the XML pane can display data in a grid or a TreeView as well as raw or formatted XML.
The result is that you can easily put together an XSD file with only a minimal knowledge of how XML schema works. If you know you want a complex type containing a sequence of elements, you can put together the TreeView just by clicking a few times and making choices, and then copy the XML you like from the right pane. The creating a new schema file looks quite usable, and very affordable. XMLFox is also good for looking at the structure of an existing schema file.

XMLFox XML/XSD editor is the Windows based graphical tool for authoring, updating, exploring, well-formedness checking or validating XML documents. XMLFox is an intuitive xml and xml schema(XSD) editor, allows the xml developer to create schemas and show a visual representation of what the xml document will look like for that schema. XMLFox Editor is a delimiter-aware XML data editor with markup-aware cut-and-paste operations, undo, rectangular selection, clear diagnostics and other innovative attractive tools to handle common XML/XSD editing tasks.
Visual XML document editor, suited as a lightweight editor for document framework deployments. It features full XSD validation, but doesn't require a XSD (XML Schema Definition). XMLFox includes XML View, XML Tree, XML Grid, and XML Script modes for editing. Features include drag and drop, and extensive find capabilities on text as well as on XML data.
XMLFox is the tool for beginners to XSD schema (XML Schema Definition) as well as for professionals. It has visual Schema Tree representation that dynamically updates its XSD text. Those that need help in understanding schemas will find the Schema Tree inestimable, and developers maintaining other schemas will save hours of learning time with this XML editor. It is extremely configurable and fast enough.

The XMLFox freeware XML Editor offers:

XSD Schema Based Editing
Tag Prompting
XML and Schema Validation
XML View, Tree, Grid, and XML Script editing modes
Standard Editor (Copy/Paste/Find/Replace) traits
XSD Schema building feature

XMLFox XML/XSD editor is "Freeware"
This means that we have made the software available to you for free. You can create, format, map, view, edit an XML/XSD output. It is fully functional!
Freeware is the form of software distribution where the author retains copyright of the software, but makes the program available to others at no cost. The XMLFox can not be resold or distributed by others for profit.

Main XMLFox window

The XMLFox main window is split into two sections (Schema and XML data). The user interface is customizable and presents XML data in four interface pages: XML View, XML Script, XML Tree, and XML Grid. The right section gives you ability to browse and edit XML content in any of these windows. The left section of XMLFox interface shows you a Schema of your XML. You can easily change the appearance of panes.
The left section displays a hierarchical view of XML Schema in a tree-like structure. This Tree is regarded as an object with several objects inside it, representing each information-element.
XML Schema has the possibility to describe the logical structure of an XML document. When you open an XML document its content will appear in the right section and its structure will appear in left section as XSD Schema.

In the Script Edit page you can review and edit your XML document source code. XMLFox Script editor has the same editing features like most of contemporary text editors have today. On the Edit menu bar you can choose any options to edit your XML content. XMLFox allows you to instantly validate your edited XML content.

Also, you can create your XML data from some other data source (Excel, Oracle, csv, txt, JSON, etc.) or convert it according to specified rules by using Rustemsoft XML Converter tool. Go: File > Import -> XML Converter. XML Converter is XML smart data transformation system and development software that includes a runtime engine. You have to have the XML Converter installed on your computer. Learn more about XML Converter .

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