XML Converter with command-line interface

XML Converter is a data conversion software lets the user to interactively create a data transformation. It allows you to use XML documents by exporting source data into XML file. XML Converter is a mapping and conversion tool, which manages all dialects of XML such as DTD(document type definition), XSD(XML Schema Definition), and XML formats. It is used for quickly building application integration solutions. It will allow you to map and integrate some types of data to XML document in a user-friendly command-line interface.

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XML Converter with command-line interface is available in two editions:
Single User Edition license and Enterprise Edition license

By ordering Single User Edition license you will be able to use the XML Converter with command-line interface on two PCs only: one single developer's machine and one end-user's PC.
Enterprise Edition license gives you ability use the converter on unlimited number of PCs.
It is possible to integrate the XML Converter with command-line version with a standalone application. If you would NOT like to your users have to register the software with us please use XML Converter CMD Enterprise Edition.
By calling XML Converter CMD from your application you will run the command-line Enterprise version in background and your customers will be able import their data into your specified XML format.
The Enterprise Edition is royalty free license to unlimited customer sites. You can freely distribute the executable along with your application.

The XML Converter with command-line interface is a part of Rustemsoft XML Converter Professional Edition. It is the executable module that runs within the console window or DOS-batch command file. Using the software you will be able to call XML Converter strictly from your own application, with no user interface, allowing you to convert Data Source to XML in batch mode.

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If you would like to use software with GUI(graphical user interface) we can offer to you our XML Converter Standard Edition.
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XML Converter quickly and easily converts source data types include the following:

ODBC data sources
Oracle tables or views
MS SQL Server tables or views Microsoft Excel books
MySQL tables or views Microsoft Access databases Microsoft Word documents Text files(JSON, csv, tab-delimited)

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XML Converter Professional Edition executable module has the following command-line interface:

XMLConverterCmd -s[SourceFileName]
                          -n[SourceTableName/or Number]

Command-line arguments

XMLConverterCmd can accept quite a few command-line arguments. Many of these arguments can be omitted and XMLConverterCmd can use default values instead of them. XMLConverterCmd expects command line arguments to be preceded by the "-" (dash) as normally used by DOS programs. Also you can use a special configuration file default.cfg for defining and sending your parameters to XMLConverterCmd.exe. If you define arguments in command-line then their values will have a high priority than the values have been defined in default.cfg.
There is a description of some XML Converter command-line arguments:

A Name of Data Source file with full path like:

SourceTableName/or Number
A Name or a number of spreadsheet or table, which belongs to your Data Source file.
Default is empty string

If you decide to define the [SourceTableName/or Number] argument as a number of table/spreadsheet you have to put this parameter after [SourceFileName] arguments. Otherwise, if [SourceTableName/or Number] argument is name of table/spreadsheet and contents spaces inside you must enclose it in "[ ]" brackets:

XMLConverterCmd.exe -rXLS -sC:\MyDir\MyBook.xls -n[First sheet 10] ...

Also you can leave this argument empty. It means XML Converter will generate one common xml output file where data from all of your Data Source's spreadsheets/tables will be stored. In this case you can create your own XML database. This software gives you ability to generate an output as a set of XML tables.

The Mapping method determines how each Source data column is mapped when a XML document is saved. This argument should be omitted when TargetTypeName is not xml.
e - Map out as Element
a - Map out as Attribute
r - Map out as Row Content Default is e

Argument is replying to question: "Would you like to accompany your XML document with a template XSL style-sheet?" This argument should be omitted when TargetTypeName is not xml.
no Default is no

If you are not a registered user of the XML Converter with command-line interface yet you can order the software online. After that we will send to you your secure installation code and you will run your software with the parameter:
XMLConverterCmd.exe -r
A special registration form will appear where you will be able to legalize your Converter.

If you want to get one XML file generated from all of MyBook.xls spreadsheets you can use the signature:
XMLConverterCmd.exe -sC:\MyDir\MyBook.xls n
For this case final MyBook.xml file will be saved in directory C:\MyDir\ and will content data from all spreadsheets. Also, this file will have special tags, such as "workbook", "worksheet", "row", "field column=""", which allow you to directly access and read the XML file by using DOM or SAX software.

The XML Converter allows you to browse source data and make analysis of data source structure. This software has database navigation features that provide the ability to view your entire source file. The XML Converter allows users to see source files that they are opening for converting. Also after the conversion you can review and edit destination XML document. XML Converter includes XML View, XML Tree, XML Grid, and XML Script modes for XML output editing.

XML Converter two editions

XML Converter is available in two editions: a Standard Edition and a Professional Edition. The Standard Edition is an economical solution for users who need to view the Data Source and Target XML document in order to better understand how to built a best XML representation. With the Standard Edition, users can browse the Data Source and Target XML file to generate XML output easily using a graphical user interface, without adding costly instrumentation.

XML Converter Professional Edition is a complete solution for the developer who wants the browse facilities provided in the Standard Edition PLUS special modules, which provide command-line interface. Using the Professional Edition you will be able to call XML Converter strictly from your own application, with no user interface, allowing you to convert Data Source to XML in batch mode.

XMLFox Advance XML editor

XMLFox is a software tool used to read XML documents and provide access to their content and structure. The XMLFox generates a hierarchically structured tree, then hands off data to viewers for processing, and finally returns the results to its browser windows (XML view, XML script, XML tree, and XML grid). The validating XMLFox editor also checks the XML syntax as well as XSD schema structure and reports errors.

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