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XMLFox Professional XML Editor

XMLFox Professional Edition is the complete solution for the developer who wants the browse facilities provided in the XMLFox Advance PLUS special module, which provide command-line interface. Using the Professional Edition you will be able to call XML conversion process strictly from your own application, with no user interface, allowing you to convert an XML file into another data format in batch mode.

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What the special modules are included in Professional Edition?

There are modules such as:

XMLFox Advance, useful XML and XSD schema editor
An executable module that runs within the console window or DOS-batch command file

XMLFox Professional Edition executable module has the following command-line interface:

-SOURCE=[Path+FileName] Source XML file Name with full path
-OUTPUT=[Path+FileName] Target file Name with full path
-TYPE=[Number] Conversion type.
0 - convert into Text file
1 - convert into Excel file
2 - convert into CSV file
3 - convert into HTML file
4 - convert into MS Access mdb file
5 - convert into SQL Server database
-MSACCESSTYPE=[Number] MS Access DB type to be created.
95 - MS Access 95
97 - MS Access 97
00 - MS Access 2000
03 - MS Access 2003
-USERID User ID for MS SQL Server database connection
-PASSWORD Password for MS SQL Server database connection
-DATASOURCE Data Source for MS SQL Server database connection
-INITIALCATALOG Initial Catalog for MS SQL Server DB connection
-EXTPROPERTIES Extended Properties for MS SQL Server connection
-HIDE Hide the console window when process runs
-WRITELOG Write Log file with info about conversion process
-? Display this usage message

Option key is '-', options are recognized by a first character
Convert XML into Excel file:
XMLFoxCmd -s=C:/MyDir/My.xml -o=C:/Dir_New/MyExcelFile.xls -t=1 -h -w

Upload XML into MS SQL Server Database:
XMLFoxCmd -s=C:/MyDir/My.xml -u=MyID -p=Psw -d=SQLHost -i=MyDBase -t=5 -h -w

XMLFox Advance XML/XSD editor tool is a sequel of the well-known world-leading XMLFox freeware XML/XSD Editor. Like its precursor, the XMLFox Advance has the same user-friendly interface. XMLFox Advance is an advanced XMLFox XML/XSD Editor with the following new attractive features:

It allows you to convert XML encoding. Especially from/to UTF-16. Let's say you have XML file with "utf-8" encoding. Now by using XMLFox Advance you can easily convert whole "utf-8" encoded XML to "utf-16" encoding and vise versa. There are several other encodings are supported.

The special interface on XML Tree view has been designed that allows modify XML record in a table/row representation in a Grid-style window.

XMLFox Advance supports Validation an XML against an XSD schema. XML content could be validated against an XSD schema located inside your XML and against an XSD schema located outside as well.

XMLFox Advance considers any XML file as a database. Since the XML is a database it has tables that are related to each other somehow. The tool provides Relationships interface window with the possibility to add/update/delete XML tables.

XMLFox Advance has a drop-down toolbar on Grid view pane. The following buttons are located on the toolbar:
Create new table
Table design

XML Converter is available!
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Skater .NET Obfuscator
More about Skater .NET Obfuscator
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The Table Design Interface allows you to modify an existing table structure in your XML or create a new one. You can invoke the Table Design Interface by clicking on the drop-down Grid toolbar button when a table is selected.
If you would like to save your updates that you made for tables structures you need to assign the XSD schema inside your XML first. The table structures will be stored in the XSD schema within your XML for further using. For this case the Table Design interface has the special "Assign XSD to XML now" button that allows you to do that.

DataGridViewColumns .NET assembly
More about DataGridViewColumns.dll
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The XMLFox Advance Filter interface helps you to display only those records in an XML table that match one or more criteria. For example, you want to see the products whose price is equal $50. Instead of opening the whole table in Grid view and scanning the entire list, you can apply a filter.
You can specify multiple criteria in a single filter. You can also apply a filter that is based on multiple columns.


The XMLFox Advance allows you to browse the Relationships between tables in XML.
XMLFox Advance considers any XML file as a relational database. Since the XML is a database it has tables that are related to each other somehow. One of the strengths of a relational database is the ability to relate or associate information about various items in the database.
The XMLFox Advance provides the possibility to add/update/delete XML tables by using the Relationships interface.

Convert to

In XMLFox Advance you can output data to several other data format files. The Editor allows you export XML tables or whole XML to the following data files: TXT; convert into CSV (Comma Separated Value) file, convert into HTML page, create MS Access database, convert into MS SQL Server database, convert XML in to PDF, and create Excel file.
When you export XML you have the following two options:
1. "Convert the current XML table only" that allows you export selected XML table.
2. "Export whole XML according to its structure"

It allows map XML to another formats transformation
The exclusion of fields and the reordering of fields make your XML file transformation much flexible. Also other "XML to" transformations such as filtering can be performed through "Better Grid View" interface that allows for intricate mapping and transformation without the need for user written code. Please learn more about XML conversion mapping.

XSL designer interface.
Besides editing and validating an XML document the XMLFox Advance allows you to generate special XSL document, which will accompany your final XML document with a template XSL style-sheet. Both of these files can be used for your further needs such as: web-applications, reports, presentations, and so on.

DataGridColumns .NET assembly (Forms)
More about DataGridColumns.dll
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XMLFox is the tool for beginners to XSD schema (XML Schema Definition) as well as for professionals. XML documents can be created and validated against XSD user defined schema. The smart context sensitive editing saves time and guarantees a minimum number of validation errors. XML developers can use XMLFox for authoring XSD schemas and for creating the XSL stylesheets needed for the presentation layer. It has visual Schema Tree representation that dynamically updates its XSD text. Those that need help in understanding schemas will find the Schema Tree inestimable, and developers maintaining other schemas will save hours of learning time with this XML editor. It is extremely configurable and fast enough.

You can create your XML data from some other data source (Excel, Oracle, csv, txt, etc.) or convert it according to specified rules by using Rustemsoft XML Converter tool. Go: File > Import -> XML Converter. XML Converter is XML smart data transformation system and development software that includes a runtime engine. You have to have the XML Converter installed on your computer. Learn more about XML Converter .

Brief XSD schema on-line tutorial

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