CSharp Obfuscator protects dotNET application code Private

   Published: 13 Aug 2024
Code obfuscation is a take shape of software protection against not permitted reverse-engineering.

The chief functions of any software protection technique can be resolute as detection of pirate attempts to translate or tamper software, protection in contradiction of such attempts and alteration of software to ensure to it functionality degrades in an undetectable behavior if the protection fails.
Skater .NET obfuscator performs the deciphering protection by various wealth that primarily concentrate on making the assembly members names futile, encrypting string values, and together with tricking code commands to render disassembled code not recompilable.

It makes assembly code reverse production much harder by obfuscating names. Private and Public members names obfuscation scrambles names of program, methods, variables, and other assembly members. If you are persuaded some of public members are not to be accessed on or after outside, you may care for to obfuscate them.
For exe executables you may consider the assemblies to be self-contained, and set obfuscation of all potential names very uncompromisingly, including Public Members.Some Skater venues allow to generated names to facilitate will inhibit recompilation.
Public members in dll libraries are advisedly aloof from obfuscation since they are intended to be worn in external assembly code.