"The programmer, like the poet, works only slightly removed from pure thought-stuff. He builds his castles in the air, from air, creating by exertion of the imagination." - Fred Brooks
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Skater is the powerful tool to protect .NET Core 3.0 projects

Starting from version 3.0 the .NET Core SDK includes support for Windows Forms desktop applications and now .NET Core received more updates compared to full .NET Framework.

Deobfuscate Skater protected .NET assemblies

Obfuscator now works much better because it has been refined to prevent deobfuscators.

Convert Data into XML format. XSD schema mapped conversion

How to create XML using XSD in XML Converter interface? Rustemsoft XML Converter offers the interchangeable schema for XML multi-dimensional conversion.

Protect .NET Core DLL by Skater .NET Obfuscator

Skater supports .NET Core 2.0 projects where the publish output is a DLL file (Framework-dependent deployment). When the publish output is an EXE file that calls .NET Core DLL (Self-contained deployment) the final DLL has to be obfuscated as well.

Protect .NET String values by hiding them into machine code DLL

Strings are vital code parts. It makes sense to create them in native code. Skater generates a C++ written DLL with the protected Strings. This Skater's option protects algorithms by coding Strings in native code and store them in a separate machine-code DLL. Native code can be reverse engineered but it is a very tough job. Plus, Strings are encrypt-protected in the DLL.

We Must Protect Code!

Be sure to remember that the source code itself is often not what keeps the value of a corporation put forward. If you got source codes of iOS system you will not be able instantly distribute an iOS clone system and could not provide good support for it.

.NET programming Questions and Answers

Update the GUI from another thread What is the easiest way to update a Label control on a form from another thread in C#?

.NET Development: In what cases you should use Guardship .NET Protector instead of Obfuscation?

Anybody that uses your production .NET EXE should not be able alter it, should not be able to crack it. The obfuscation does not make your .NET executable unbreakable; it just discourages code hackers to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details.

XMLFox integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio

XMLFox is a free extension for Visual Studio that integrates Visual Studio's powerful code editing, productivity, and debugging tools with XMLFox, the popular xml and xml schema (XSD) editor. It supports all versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and it integrates with the best .NET development tools.

.NET Obfuscators Became Questionable!

Do you consider to order .NET obfuscator to protect your dll/exe? First, you have to understand that some contemporary .NET disassemblers can find which obfuscator has been used for your app protection and produce a clean assembly which it can reverse easily. Rustemsoft developed a new type of .NET protection software that reformats .NET code into machine binary codes.

How to use iOS Objective C Framework in Swift project?

Suppose you are building a project using Xcode, and you decide that you want to start consuming Rustemsoft TouchControls library for a UIChart control and/or UIDataGrid control on your iPhone/iPad app. The first step that you will generally take is you will add a reference to the TouchControls library, which is residing in some directory on your Mac hard drive. Xcode will then add a new item in Project Navigator, and it will create a row node called 'TouchControls.framework'.

Utilizing the iOS UIDataGrid component

UIDataGrid makes use of modern mobile iOS native technologies, lightweight in size and runs very fast. The functionality can be extended with DataGrid column classes (picker, textview, etc.).

UIDataGrid versus UITableView

DataGrids present the user with data in a tabular format and are represented by the UIDataGrid class of the TouchControls framework. The information is presented in cells that formatted by rows and columns. The content of each cell is implemented in the form of a DataGridCell object. In turn, the cell object belongs to a specific DataGridColumn object that is a collection of cells.

Converting JSON to XML by XML Converter

XML Converter that converts from JSON to XML is also applicable for transformation between XML databases. The customizations for output database are presented in tree-structured window that greatly simplifies personal parameters handling and settings adjusting.

Converting XML to JSON by XMLFox

Why JSON? JSON is mostly utilized for the structural data introducing and data exchange in client-server systems and using as an XML replacement. Most of the iOS apps (Apple iPhone/iPad mobile applications) transfer data to back-end web services in JSON format. JSON-based services become wide-usable now. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a plane text file, easy and gentle method for interchanging and representing data.

Protecting your Windows Store app code from hackers

There are a lot of freeware .NET tools called .NET assembly browsers that allow pirates to hack Win Store app's code.For example, Refractor - .NET decompiler and assembly browser allows pirates to reverse-engineer paid app's code. Then it is relatively easy to compile the source code by using .NET framework. Sure, for this case scenario a hacker won't need to pay for the app registration.

Protect Windows Store Application by using Skater .NET Obfuscator

You may create your first Windows Store app using C# or Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2020. We will not teach you how to create a simple "Hello, world!" Windows Store app using Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) in .NET technology (VB or C#). To learn how to build Windows Store apps go to some Microsoft tutorial website.

.NET assembly browser and decompiler

One freeware .NET disassembler tool well-known in the field is not a freeware anymore and .NET coders need an alternative. Rustemsoft Skater .NET obfuscator is equipped with .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface since ver5.0. Freeware and Demo versions of Skater .NET obfuscator include the fully functional .NET code browser interface. Rustemsoft does not charge for the .NET assembly browser and decompiler. Rustemsoft does not plan to charge for that.

Freeware XML editor review

XMLFox automatically maps a schema document as you are creating the XML document, which is a useful feature not seen in most other XML editors. It also shows you how your document will look in a browser. It is the only free, fully functional editor I have seen so far.

Protect Code with Skater .NET Obfuscator

Skater .NET obfuscator performs the deciphering protection by various means that mainly concentrate on making the assembly members? names meaningless, encrypting string values, and including tricking code commands that render disassembled code not recompilable.

Explanation of blood test results

Hematology is the study of the blood. It used to be that a laboratory technician had only a microscope and experience to rely on when it came to exploring blood. Modern hematology relies as much on automated equipment called cell counters as it does on human beings to detect blood diseases. Cell counters use electrical impedance and radio frequency to count cells and measure their size. Different chemicals are also used to analyze the chemical properties of blood.

.NET Application License is tied to specific user's machine.

Software Activation is the process of generating a computer bound license key. To generate the Registration ID use Skater Licenser interface. The activation Registration ID with your user Order Number can be sent to your customer directly from you. This key enables your software and allows the user to activate his license.

Obfuscate .NET code

An interesting part is there are lots of decompilers are available in market like Reflector for .NET hackers can get back the source code anytime from intermediate code script using these decompilers. How do we provide security for the .NET source code? Here is the solution using obfuscation software tools like Skater.

Convert in both ways: CSV(Excel, mdb etc.) to XML and then XML back to CSV(Excel, mdb etc.)

When XMLConverterCmd.exe interrupts its execution the special file XMLConverterCmd.err will be created where error reports are stored. This error message file contains both error numbers and their associated text messages. The error report is accompanied by the date and time when it occurred.

Platform Invocation Services 'pinvokeimpl' instruction's problem in Skater obfuscator

By using the P/Invoke methods you provide the .NET compiler (C# or VB) with a declaration of the unmanaged function, and you may also need to provide the compiler with a description of how to marshal the parameters and return value from the unmanaged code (DLL).

.NET code protection. Code Extension.

Why may you need the bytecode extension? The PC world is changed in a different way and we do not think about how to save space on our hard drive, CD, and other media. The space is not significant now and we do not need to be worry about how to produce a much smaller application but we still need to protect our intellectual property.

Convert to PDF from .NET project

ExportToPDF is .NET library that offers the ability to convert csv files, Excel spreadsheets, Access mdb databases, text files, .NET DataTable objects to PDF on the fly. If you need PDF reports you do not have to use complex report generators anymore.

How to convert XML to a different data format?

XMLFox Advance is a useful XML and XSD schema editor. By using XMLFox Advance you can output data to several other data format files. The Editor allows you export XML tables or whole XML to the following data files: TXT; convert into CSV (Comma Separated Value) file, convert into HTML page, create MS Access database, upload XML into SQL Server database, convert to PDF, and create Excel file.

About Combobox in DataGrid (.NET framework)

Applications that use the column style class can bind a combobox class member to any DataTable object. By setting the DisplayMember and ValueMember combobox properties, the application can define which DataTable column contains descriptions to display and which column contains a corresponding identifier to return to the DataGrid control.

How to convert XML encoding?

If an XML document does not have any encoding declaration, (and no external encoding declaration mechanism such as the HTTP header is available), the assumed encoding of an XML document is UTF-8.

How to validate XML against XSD schema?

XML XSD Schema is an XML-oriented representation of the structure of an XML document. XML XSD Schema has the power of possibility to provide the standard structure for XML attributes and elements, through its support for namespaces and datatypes.

Conceal your .NET code from hackers

With more than half of million developers with some level of access to .NET reengineering tools providing near instant access to source from any .NET binary, organizations across industries are entrusting on obfuscation to managing these risks.

Obfuscate member names in .NET code

It scrambles names of classes, methods, variables, and other assembly members. It makes assembly code reverse engineering much harder by obfuscating names. Some Skater settings allow to generated names that will prevent recompilation.

Convert XML to HTML, Excel etc.

XMLFox Advance translates XML data to Excel spreadsheet format where it can be edited, printed, and saved as required in MS Excel interface. Because XMLFox Advance was designed to be a smart one click solution it does not require XML, DTD, XSD Schema expertise or other XML specific knowledge.

Linking .NET Assemblies

When distributing several closely related but separate DLLs is not that much of a plague, it would be a nice if, since they are so closely interlaced, you could merge these different assemblies into one.

DataGrid vs. DataGridView

The DataGridView Windows Forms control is a quite new .NET control introduced in MS Visual Studio .NET 2005 that is a good alternative to the VS .NET 1.x DataGrid control. Obviously we do not need to disregard the .NET DataGrid control...

XML Transformation Template Scenario

Everyone can define own XML document structure and describe it. However, a standard database table (Excel spreadsheet, Oracle table/view) is a plane, two-dimensional representation of data content. When you convert your data source table to XML format you get a plane column-row shaped XML output.

Using an Oracle View to store query results as an XML output

How to convert a generated Oracle database query results to an allocated XML file? Create a view in your Oracle database, browse query result, update the view and store it.

XML and non-Latin characters. How can they be reconciled?

This brief article is intended to help people around the world how to better understand XML presentation. XML file locates some words which probably should contain some national letter but have something strange in place of it...

For Visual Basic Beginners

Everyone was a beginner once. The faster we feed new people with good information, the faster they will become good members of the "Visual Basic World". Here you can find some useful VB-examples...

How to print datagrid in .NET?

The service class is intended to help you to create a print output based on your datagrid content. The class has been included into DataGridColumns .NET assembly since it is built for .NET WinForms datagrid control and very helpful for your .NET datagrid design. It will help you to implement an application with a print preview and a print support.

XML file generation

How to convert data from Oracle database to XML metadata file by using Java JSP's servlets? This article describes how to do that by using the JSP technology. Very useful for XML+JSP+Oracle beginners...

About Rustemsoft

Rustemsoft LLC is a creative ISV (Independent Software Vendor) specializes in intelligent software solutions for Xcode programmers, XML designers, and .NET developers. Rustemsoft provides comprehensive programming solutions that improve productivity, profitability and result in superior software development and design.

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