"The programmer, like the poet, works only slightly removed from pure thought-stuff. He builds his castles in the air, from air, creating by exertion of the imagination." - Fred Brooks
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Skater is the powerful tool to protect .NET Core 3.0 projects

Starting from version 3.0 the .NET Core SDK includes support for Windows Forms desktop applications and now .NET Core received more updates compared to full .NET Framework.

Deobfuscate Skater-protected .NET assemblies

Skater can NOT easily be hacked and deobfuscated by the cotemporary open source deobfuscators. That deciphering hacker's tools definitely do NOT work in renaming class/method/property/field names with the Skater .NET Obfuscator.

Convert Data into XML format. XSD schema mapped conversion

You got an XSD file and you have to create XML using the XSD file and then you have to send that XML with data to another application on different server and different location, where some another application will get data from that XML, process the data and return the result back to you.

Protect .NET Core DLL by Skater .NET Obfuscator

.NET Core dll assembly contains code which the Common Language Runtime (CLR) executes. It can be disassembled by anybody else.

Protect .NET String values by hiding them into machine code DLL

Skater .NET Obfuscator is using native code to protect vital parts of source code. It protects our algorithm by coding Strings in native code while preserving the user interface in .NET. Skater extracts String values and uploads into C++ source code.

We Must Protect Code!

The code is just a small piece of the final product. But it is a very important piece. Sometimes small teams of software developers have no other values besides their intellectual property and innovation ideas. Do not disclose them otherwise you will be left with nothing!

.NET programming Questions and Answers

Random number generator generats only one random number Random does not make any guarantees of thread-safety. To prevent that we may synchronize so that we do not access it at the same time from different threads, or use different Random instances per thread.

.NET Development: In what cases you should use Guardship .NET Protector instead of Obfuscation?

You may have to secure a very small application. The application has one class with a single method (function, procedure, sub etc.) inside. Let say the executable is a key that activates your licensed software you are distributing to end-users. Potential hacker intends to break and decipher the license key exe to share your software with everyone around the world for free.

XMLFox integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio

The XMLFox Visual Studio XML Editor represents one-piece integration between XMLFox and Microsoft Visual Studio, providing .NET developers with all the advanced XML editing features, functionalities, and interfaces they need, directly inside the Visual Studio IDE.

.NET Obfuscators Became Questionable!

Before you consider ordering any .NET obfuscator you should know that most of .NET disassemblers may figure out which obfuscator has been used for your app protection and produce a clean assembly which it can reverse easily. Rustemsoft issued a new type of .NET protection software that transforms .NET code into machine codes.

How to use iOS Objective C Framework in Swift project?

The reference to the Rustemsoft TouchControls Swift/Objective-C library is a requirement and must be added to a project before the classes and objects in the library can be used.

Utilizing the iOS UIDataGrid component

The representation of the grid can be completely customized with the DataGrid cells tap/scroll events handling. There is support for gestures/touch/scroll interactions and it is tested to work in iPad and iPhone as well. UIDataGrid component is pretty well documented with sample projects and on-line tutorials to easily get started.

UIDataGrid versus UITableView

There are 9 types of DataGridColumn classes in the TouchControls framework: Button Column; DatePicker Column; Image Column; Label Column; Picker Column; Slider Column; Switch Column; TextField Column; TextView Column. Each datagrid cell displays a corresponding Xcode component: UILabel, UIImageView, etc. Every cell individually reacts on specified datagrid events: Tap, selecting new item, changing cell's content, and so on.

Converting JSON to XML by XML Converter

Sometimes companies need to transform JSON data to XML and vice versa. Problems associated with the limitations of JSON become all too apparent when you need to scale an application to support more data and more data formatting features. This is when converting your JSON file to XML makes sense. JSON has several important technical limitations that cannot be overcome with workarounds or special programming techniques, which can only be solved by converting your JSON to XML.

Converting XML to JSON by XMLFox

XML is getting old and when creating data files we are starting to guess what is better: JSON or XML?

Protecting your Windows Store app code from hackers

You cannot be totally sure that nobody has access to your code in case you are going to publish the app on Windows Store. It is always possible use IL Disassembler (ILDAsm.exe) that is distributed by Microsoft.

Protect Windows Store Application by using Skater .NET Obfuscator

You should not give to code-thefts an ability to use the Refractor or another decompiler utility on your Windows Store app for hacker's purposes. You should secure your code with a best obfuscator. Obfuscation raises the reverse engineering protection. For the Visual Studio 2020 Windows Store apps Skater .NET Obfuscator makes better code protection.

.NET assembly browser and decompiler

Skater .NET obfuscator includes free developer productivity tool designed to enable easy .NET assembly browsing and decompiling. The interface builds on years of experience in code analysis and development productiveness specially created for Skater .NET obfuscator, Rustemsoft's .NET code protection software. The .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface lets you explore and analyze without exertion compiled .NET assemblies, decompiling code with the simple click of a button.

Freeware XML editor review

How to create an XML file that is based on XSD schema? XMLFox offers the free and graphical answer to that question. XMLFox is an XML editing and validation tool for creating valid, well-formed XML documents and/or XSD Schema.

Protect Code with Skater .NET Obfuscator

Skater .NET obfuscator is a .NET code intellectual property protection tool that implements all known software protection techniques to completely protect your .NET apps. Rustemsoft .NET Obfuscator is compatible with any .NET framework and offers effective methods of protection against unauthorized reverse-engineering.

Explanation of blood test results

Medical Tests Analyzer Software is a tool to interpret your laboratory test results.

.NET Application License is tied to specific user's machine.

The common approach with .NET Licenser is to use the API assembly (which uses web service to communicate with the license server) within the assembly you want licensed.

Obfuscate .NET code

Obfuscated code is source or machine code that has been made difficult to understand. Programmers may deliberately obfuscate code to conceal its purpose or its logic to prevent tampering, deter reverse engineering or as a puzzle or recreational challenge for readers. It is a form of security through obscurity.

Convert in both ways: CSV(Excel, mdb etc.) to XML and then XML back to CSV(Excel, mdb etc.)

XML Converter is data conversion software tool to interactively create a data transformation. It allows you to use XML documents by exporting source data into XML file.

Platform Invocation Services 'pinvokeimpl' instruction's problem in Skater obfuscator

When P/Invoke calls an unmanaged function, it performs the following steps: Finds the unmanaged DLL containing the function. Loads the whole DLL into memory. Identifies the function address in memory and sends its arguments to the stack marshaling data as required. Transfers control to the unmanaged function.

.NET code protection. Code Extension.

As part of the complete protection of your application, it is possible to insert unneeded elements and then obfuscate them as well. It will increase your assembly final size but will give your application one more security layer. Potential hacker will be deceived seeing the plenty of obfuscated code and it will be harder to figure out what part of your secured assembly is meaningful and which is not.

Convert to PDF from .NET project

We have built the trial sample PDF Converter project that demonstrates the use of the Export to PDF class and show the results of using the class in several examples.

How to convert XML to a different data format?

XMLFox Advance translates XML data to Excel spreadsheet format where it can be edited, printed, and saved as required in MS Excel interface. Because XMLFox Advance was designed to be a smart one click solution it does not require XML, DTD, XSD Schema expertise or other XML specific knowledge.

About Combobox in DataGrid (.NET framework)

Rustemsoft DataGridComboBoxColumnStyle class contains a private combobox member and a read-only property to access it. The class constructor has several event handlers to receive notifications, for example, when focus leaves the datagrid combobox.

Licensing .NET Applications. Skater .NET Licenser

.NET Licenser is an exact software licensing tool for .NET developers who would like to:
Protect software products from getting pirated
Looking for easy real-time license management
Need effective and simple software activation

How to convert XML encoding?

The values for the encoding declarations are the charset name defined by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority).

How to validate XML against XSD schema?

This article explains the procedure for performing that validation using XMLFox Advance 'XML against XSD validation' interface. Rustemsoft's XMLFox Advance is a useful XML and XSD schema editor.

Conceal your .NET code from hackers

Skater .NET obfuscator performs the deciphering protection by various means that mainly concentrate on making the assembly members names meaningless, encrypting string values, and including tricking code commands that render disassembled code not recompilable.

Obfuscate member names in .NET code

The .NET Framework SDK ships with a disassembler utility called ILDasm that allows you to decompile .NET assemblies into IL (Intermediate Language) Assembly Language statements. To decompile the ConsoleApplication1.exe file start ILDasm on the command line.

Convert XML to HTML, Excel etc.

You have an XML file you need to convert into a more readable and editable file format. There are several solutions around Internet that could help you somehow to solve the task.

Linking .NET Assemblies

The ability to merge multiple libraries together would simplify deployment in many cases; applications that use several different languages or huge applications written in the same language but built upon many different projects would benefit from single-assembly deployment.

DataGrid vs. DataGridView

The DataGridView Windows Forms control is a quite new .NET control introduced in MS Visual Studio .NET 2005 that is a good alternative to the VS .NET 1.x DataGrid control. Obviously we do not need to disregard the .NET DataGrid control...

XML Transformation Template Scenario

How to mine infrequent structures which are also important in many applications, such as query processing and identification of exceptional cases? RustemSoft XML Converter is intended to consider the problem of identifying infrequent tree structures in XML documents.

Using an Oracle View to store query results as an XML output

How to convert a generated Oracle database query results to an allocated XML file? Create a view in your Oracle database, browse query result, update the view and store it.

XML and non-Latin characters. How can they be reconciled?

This brief article is intended to help people around the world how to better understand XML presentation. XML file locates some words which probably should contain some national letter but have something strange in place of it...

For Visual Basic Beginners

Everyone was a beginner once. The faster we feed new people with good information, the faster they will become good members of the "Visual Basic World". Here you can find some useful VB-examples...

How to print datagrid in .NET?

The DataGridPrint class is used by the Print dialog and Print Preview dialog on your .NET form to draw the DataGrid object content that should be printed.

XML file generation

How to convert data from Oracle database to XML metadata file by using Java JSP's servlets? This article describes how to do that by using the JSP technology. Very useful for XML+JSP+Oracle beginners...

About Rustemsoft

Rustemsoft LLC is a creative ISV (Independent Software Vendor) specializes in intelligent software solutions for Xcode programmers, XML designers, and .NET developers. Rustemsoft provides comprehensive programming solutions that improve productivity, profitability and result in superior software development and design.

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