"The programmer, like the poet, works only slightly removed from pure thought-stuff. He builds his castles in the air, from air, creating by exertion of the imagination." - Fred Brooks
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Skater is the powerful tool to protect .NET Core 3.0 projects

Starting from version 3.0 the .NET Core SDK includes support for Windows Forms desktop applications and now .NET Core received more updates compared to full .NET Framework.

Deobfuscate Skater protected .NET assemblies

Skater obfuscation prevents from making the overall .NET source code much more readable and easier to comprehend.

Convert Data into XML format. XSD schema mapped conversion

Let's say you have a CSV file that needs to be converted to XML based on XSD file. How to generate an XML file based on the schema you are given with? How to create XML using XSD in XML Converter interface?

Protect .NET Core DLL by Skater .NET Obfuscator

.NET Core dll assembly contains code which the Common Language Runtime (CLR) executes. We still need to protect .NET Core assembly by obfuscating it.

Protect .NET String values by hiding them into machine code DLL

Let's talk about .NET String values presented in our source codes. Since Strings can provide useful clues for anyone trying to reverse-engineer our code it makes sense to protect .NET String values from spying eyes.

We Must Protect Code!

You may argue that the main importance for companies is the data stored in their databases, not the source code at all. The writing the source code is a boring monkey business and you can find such code by googling as an open source project.

.NET programming Questions and Answers

How to use the reflection to call a generic method? Sometimes we have to figure out a right way to call a generic method when the type parameter is not known at compile time, but instead is obtained dynamically at runtime.

.NET Development: In what cases you should use Guardship .NET Protector instead of Obfuscation?

Since the executable is actually small in size the hacker can spend some time to successfully recover your code even it was obfuscated. We offer to transform your executable MSIL bytecode into the unmanaged machine code. Guardship .NET Protection Tool enables you to protect the executable file of your .NET application by making its code unreadable for MSIL disassemblers. It does not obfuscate, but rather makes the code unreadable.

XMLFox integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio

By implementing the XMLFox XML Editor integration for Visual Studio, .NET developers will have access to XMLFox, the world's leading XML development tool, in the same environment where they develop Visual Studio applications.

.NET Obfuscators Became Questionable!

Do you consider to order .NET obfuscator to protect your dll/exe? First, you have to understand that some contemporary .NET disassemblers can find which obfuscator has been used for your app protection and produce a clean assembly which it can reverse easily. Rustemsoft developed a new type of .NET protection software that converts .NET code into native PC codes.

How to use iOS Objective C Framework in Swift project?

What the difference between Swift and Objective C syntax? Let's take a look of UIChart component usage. The Rustemsoft UIChart control enables to create iOS apps with simple, intuitive, and visually compelling chart for complex statistical or financial analysis in different graph types that include Pie, Bar, Line, Cylinder, Area, and other chart types.

Utilizing the iOS UIDataGrid component

By using UIDataGrid class object, an iOS app might display a set of several columns of essential data, and whenever it is needed to check more data info, the user can request to view more details. The UIDataGrid component's Picker view Column class enables the efficient retrieval and display of selectable and detail data on demand in a mobile app.

UIDataGrid versus UITableView

You can extend the UIDataGrid control in a number of ways to build custom behaviors into your iOS apps. For example, you can programmatically specify your own set of displayed columns, and you can create your own types of cells. You can easily customize the appearance of the UIDataGrid control by choosing among several properties.

Converting JSON to XML by XML Converter

Converting JSON to XML can be challenging or fairly straightforward, depending upon the quality and completeness of your existing JSON data structure design.

Converting XML to JSON by XMLFox

There is not too much difference between XML and JSON in terms of compatibility, accessibility, and facility. People with JSON can store only strings and numbers in plane format. By using XML you can define data field types and format size (precision, width etc.) of stored data.

Protecting your Windows Store app code from hackers

Skater .NET Obfuscator is fully integrated with Visual Studio 2020 and .NET Framework 4.6.x. Skater easily protects XAML-based metro style applications that are also known as "Windows Store apps".

Protect Windows Store Application by using Skater .NET Obfuscator

You should secure your code with a best obfuscator. Obfuscation raises the reverse engineering protection. For the Visual Studio 2020 Windows Store apps Skater .NET Obfuscator makes good and reliable code obfuscation.

.NET assembly browser and decompiler

Skater .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface is a great tool for doing an in-depth examination of various types of assemblies and also for disassembling IL code towards a supported .NET languages ? C# and/or VB.

Freeware XML editor review

Everybody knows that some freeware programs are every bit as good as high-priced commercial software tools.

Protect Code with Skater .NET Obfuscator

If you would like periodically obfuscate your .NET products the Skater .NET Obfuscator is for you. Rustemsoft is using the Skater for internal needs securing all Rustemsoft .NET executables and assemblies. Its command-line version running in batch mode is much useful for your scheduled products updates.

Explanation of blood test results

The false high and low results' values may befall with many blood tests because test results can be impacted by a wide range of causes. Drugs, foods, beverages, and even stress levels may affect lab test results on a single day. Talk about your lab results with your doctor when you have difficulties figuring out blood test results on your own.

.NET Application License is tied to specific user's machine.

The .NET Licenser API assembly contains the methods your application will need to contact the license server or how to manage non-internet based licensing scenarios.

Obfuscate .NET code

Skater .NET obfuscator significantly enhances source code security. .NET intermediate language is focused on application flexibility and inherently provides significant information on how an application was written. Because of this, .NET applications are more prone to reverse-engineering attack than most previous computer programs.

Convert in both ways: CSV(Excel, mdb etc.) to XML and then XML back to CSV(Excel, mdb etc.)

You are probably in need to convert your data in both ways: CSV(Excel, mdb etc.) to XML and then XML back to CSV(Excel, mdb etc.). In other words, you need to put in a middleware solution that can convert the outgoing XML into CSV and then convert the incoming CSV back into XML. How can Rustemsoft's software help to use this to set up a batch command-line process to do this?

Platform Invocation Services 'pinvokeimpl' instruction's problem in Skater obfuscator

It was generating a problem when a programmer used the same RegisterDeviceNotification name in .NET application code as a name of managed methods or fields. Skater .NET obfuscator development team figured out the issue and the problem has been fixed.

.NET code protection. Code Extension.

You may have to secure a very small .NET application. The application has one class with a single method (function, procedure, sub etc.) inside. Let say the executable is a key that activates your licensed software you are distributing to end-users. Potential hacker intends to break and decipher the license key exe to share your software with everyone around the world for free.

Convert to PDF from .NET project

ExportToPDF provides a single API class with a bunch of very customizable properties to create, manipulate, and organize PDF documents from within your .NET applications. Rustemsoft presents the 'file to PDF' conversion package, named ExportToPDF .NET assembly that accomplishes conversion, formatting, PDF content merging, font settings, text coloring and other PDF tasks.

How to convert XML to a different data format?

In XMLFox Advance you can output data to several other data format files. The Editor allows you export XML tables or whole XML to the following data files: TXT; convert into CSV (Comma Separated Value) file, convert into HTML page, create MS Access database, upload XML into MS SQL Server database, convert XML to PDF, and create Excel file.

About Combobox in DataGrid (.NET framework)

How to setup the combobox that filters values from a related child table? How to define columns for a Dictionary datagrid?

Licensing .NET Applications. Skater .NET Licenser

.NET Licenser is an exact software licensing tool for .NET developers who would like to:
Protect software products from getting pirated
Looking for easy real-time license management
Need effective and simple software activation

How to convert XML encoding?

XMLFox Advance XML editor allows you to specify the encoding of the document when creating and saving it. Also you can use one of the encoding conversion provided within XMLFox Advance interface.

How to validate XML against XSD schema?

Before validating an XML document, you must specify the location of the XML XSD Schema. By using XMLFox Advance you can validate XML document for both cases, when your XML document contains an in-line XSD schema and for an outside XSD file as well.

Conceal your .NET code from hackers

Usually, if all the functionality of your distributed application is not required at once, you might want to consider having the application divided into separate modules or libraries. The .NET runtime will load each component only when a type is referenced.

Obfuscate member names in .NET code

Skater .NET Obfuscator just replaced member names with alpha-numeric combinations that makes harder to understand the code. However it is not so big trick and every Obfuscator can do that. Everyone can replace the alpha-numeric char combinations with some eye-friendly names.

Convert XML to HTML, Excel etc.

By using XMLFox Advance you can output data to several other data format files.

Linking .NET Assemblies

Packaging everything into a single file will bring performance improvements, mostly because the loader does not have to take the time to resolve all the dependency issues. Also, you do not have to worry about missing dlls when your application is deployed.

DataGrid vs. DataGridView

The DataGridView Windows Forms control is a quite new .NET control introduced in MS Visual Studio .NET 2005 that is a good alternative to the VS .NET 1.x DataGrid control. Obviously we do not need to disregard the .NET DataGrid control...

XML Transformation Template Scenario

XML Transformation Scenario is designed for transforming any data source content into a multidimensional XML documents by using XML Converter. It is a part of interface of the conversion software.

Using an Oracle View to store query results as an XML output

How to convert a generated Oracle database query results to an allocated XML file? Create a view in your Oracle database, browse query result, update the view and store it.

XML and non-Latin characters. How can they be reconciled?

This brief article is intended to help people around the world how to better understand XML presentation. XML file locates some words which probably should contain some national letter but have something strange in place of it...

For Visual Basic Beginners

Everyone was a beginner once. The faster we feed new people with good information, the faster they will become good members of the "Visual Basic World". Here you can find some useful VB-examples...

How to print datagrid in .NET?

We have added the .NET datagrid printing support to an application using DataGridPrint class, a process that involved vastly less effort than would have been required to code the printing mechanism by hand. If you would like to try out this sample application you will need the sample code for this article, the trial version of DataGridPrint and the DataGridColumns library.

XML file generation

How to convert data from Oracle database to XML metadata file by using Java JSP's servlets? This article describes how to do that by using the JSP technology. Very useful for XML+JSP+Oracle beginners...

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Rustemsoft LLC is a creative ISV (Independent Software Vendor) specializes in intelligent software solutions for Xcode programmers, XML designers, and .NET developers. Rustemsoft provides comprehensive programming solutions that improve productivity, profitability and result in superior software development and design.

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