Free .NET assembly decompiler and browser Refractor server

   Published: 26 Mar 2024
Skater's assembly browsing interface makes the next step in the code analysis and decompiles assemblies to help the user verify the code, find bugs and vulnerabilities, or just study algorithms to ensure the application interoperability.
Their synchronous forces are resulting in astonishingly accurate decompilation. This is a powerful tool to reverse engineer IL code into a high-level human-readable language (C#/VB). While working on PE source code it is often helpful to disassemble the code and check individual instructions. In addition to the support for a choice of programming languages and the latest .NET 4.0 innovations, it offers unique processing of metadata, transformation from XML and XAML (baml) files, and a lot of other features. Skater .NET obfuscator since ver5.0 is armed with .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface. Visual Studio provides a standard tool which goes to some extent with the job. But in most cases it is not enough.

This is FREE .Net DLL Decompliler And Assembly Browser. What to do if you wrote a .NET application for a client a couple of years ago, but you no longer have the source code of the .NET project? All you have is the EXE that you deployed on the client's computer. The Refractor freeware .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface has the features: Syntax highlight; Nice variable/method/type/property structure; Navigable Function/method Declaration/Implementation; Visual Studio look and feel; Supports generics; Recognizes all .NET language constructs, such as attributes, properties, events, fields, methods and nested types; Automatically recognizes different compilers, and generate corresponding target languages, such as C#, Visual Basic.NET; Recognizes all CIL instructions, handles address type instructions correctly; Refractor freeware is a far superior decompiler/assembly browser, and is totally free.Is there a way you can generate c# source code from the EXE? RustemSoft's Refractor freeware is .NET assembly browser and decompiler that converts executable files (.EXE or .DLL) from Intermediate Language (IL, MSIL, CIL) binary format to high-level source codes, such as C# and Visual Basic.NET. The .NET assembly browser and decompiler lets you explore and analyze without exertion compiled .NET assemblies, decompiling code with the simple click of a button. The interface builds on years of experience in code analysis and development productiveness specially created for Skater .NET obfuscator, RustemSoft's .NET code protection software. Plus, you also need to preview and ensure all source code from your team members as well as third parties running correctly. Refractor .NET assembly browser is free developer tool designed to enable easy .NET assembly browsing and decompiling. These applications help developers to get back their source code after built/compiled all project source code into DLL files.