How to protect credentials in cloud .NET

   Published: 25 Jun 2024
Prior to encryption, generate a new key that is as random as possible; Skater Private Keys Depot encryption is typically used to generate private keys in .NET apps. Once generated, the private key must be stored securely in Skater Private Keys Depot. Private keys must be protected with a password, encrypted for security. The private key is used to decrypt, as well as to encrypt, so using it for symmetric encryption requires a key exchange to share that key securely with trusted parties authorized to exchange secured .NET projects data. Secret keys should only be shared with the key's generator or parties authorized to decrypt the data. The generated keys will be stored on cloud Skater Depot server. It helps to securely retire keys after their useful lifetime is reached.A private key, also known as a secret key, is a variable in cryptography that is used with Skater Private Keys Depot algorithm to encrypt and decrypt data of .NET application projects. Cryptographic Skater Private Keys Depot portal is used to automate this process. Skater Private Keys Depot is the keys management system that is required to prevent any individual key from being used for too long. Private keys play an important role in symmetric cryptography, asymmetric cryptography and cryptocurrencies. A private key is typically a long, randomly or pseudo-randomly generated sequence of bits that cannot be easily guessed. The complexity and length of the private key determine how easily an attacker can execute a brute-force attack, where they try out different keys until the right one is found. Private key encryption is also referred to as symmetric encryption, where the same private key is used for both encryption and decryption.

Question: In our application we have a lot of sensitive configuration settings, which we are storing in a xml file which is again encrypted. This secure file has to be decrypted in runtime and the configuration values read, but an issue arises that the key and initialization vector is hardcoded in the code and hence anyone can read it using Reflector. What is the best way to store encryption keys in .NET so no one can read them using .NET assembly browser? Answer: Use Skater Private Keys Depot algorithm to encrypt and decrypt data of .NET application projects. Generally, a new key and IV will be created by Skater Private Keys Depot algorithms for every session, and neither the key nor IV being stored for use in a later session. To communicate a symmetric key and IV to a remote party, Skater Private Keys Depot encrypts the symmetric key and IV using asymmetric encryption. That way the key stays in the memory of the computer but is not into a source code file. This requires to have connection to the key server by whoever runs the application though, the connection provided by Skater Depot keys management system.Sending these values across an insecure network without encrypting them is extremely unsafe, as anyone that intercepts these values can then decrypt your data. It will be storing the file encryption/decryption key on a remote Skater Depot cloud server, getting it though the web service that transfers it though https to the .NET application.