Modern cloud private data key management system Depot

   Published: 28 Jan 2024
That defined key then can be easily added, modified, and read to/from Keys Depot within your .NET application. The key value can be retrieved programmatically through your .NET applications by using special Skater Private Keys Depot API library. You can reference that dll into your .NET app by using Nuget Package Manager Console within Visual Studio. The interface is useful to modify a key. Otherwise, your app will wrongly call the deleted Key or if it's modified will retrieve a logically wrong value. After you done your key modification, it will be cryptographically encrypted and stored onto Depot cloud server. If the updated Key is already in use, before delete or modify it, you must update your application that retrieves it from Skater Private Key Depot.

App developers can safely add the keys into Skater Private Keys Depot, and then apps can access Skater Private Keys Depot to retrieve stored credentials. Also, you can manipulate your stored keys inside your application source code.Applications can use managed Skater Depot to obtain Keys without having to manage any credentials. Skater Private Keys that are managed identically, rule out the need for developers to manipulate with these credentials. Managed Private Keys Depot provide an automatically managed secret Key in Skater Private Keys Depot for applications to use when connecting to specific resources. First, we must warn that Skater Private Keys Depot system is useful for .NET apps only. You can manage keys by using online interface. A usual problem for developers is managing secret keys used to protect communication between applications and services.